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Help & Support

Resuminator is proudly a community driven software, which means that we build what our community tells us they want and they help us maintain the software with their open source contributions or feedback.

We provide support for any of your queries through 3 mediums

  1. Discord #support (Recommended) - The fastest method to get any query resolved is posting it in the #support channel of our Discord community server.

  2. In-App Chat (Recommended) - If you face any issues while using Resuminator, feel free to use the in-app chat. We are available from 10:00 AM IST to 8:30 PM IST. You can leave a message outside this time, we will reach out to you the next business day.

  3. Social Media Handles - If you are not a Discord user you can message us on any of our social handles (@resuminator, everywhere), we generally respond the same day. Follow us on Twitter for any updates @resuminator

  4. Email - The classic way to reach out for any other queries. Email your query or proposal at

🤗 Community and Support#

We're a budding community of developers and designers. Resuminator believes in building in public and thrives through a community who are willing to support and contribute to Resuminator and its products.

Join our GitHub Discussions Community for feedback and support on Resuminator or its products.