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Version 1 FAQ

Version 1 will be going away on 30th September, 2021. To continue using Resuminator Switch to Version 2

What happened to version 1?#

Resuminator was an idea which was incepted during the legendary lockdown of 2020. It was born out of an itch for better user-experience while creating resumes with cumbersome tools like LaTeX editors.

The first public release of Resuminator was in January, 2021. Even though it was a simple version with just one resume support and very restrictive layouts and design controls, people gathered around to use and we thought there might be some potential to this project.

With Version 2 launched on 31st August, 2021 we have built the whole system again from scratch keeping the parts people loved and add the ones they always wanted from a resume service.

Where is my version 1 data?#

Version 2 of Resuminator is very fundamentally different by design at its very core. Because of this reason we could not retain the old the data and migating it from version 1 was not possible.

Any data which you stored with us in Version 1 will be purged within 14 days after 30th September, 2021.

How to shift my data to version 2?#

There is no automated way of achieving this data migration and we don't plan to add it in the future as well since we'll be archiving version 1 soon. You can however still login to your old account and copy-paste your data from there into the new account.

Sign ups for version 1 have been closed. Sign up for a new account on version 2 here

What about my login credentials?#

Any and all authentication credentials related to your Resuminator v1 account will be deleted as well along with your data within 14 days of 30th September, 2021